Three Businesses Crafting A New Detroit

published on July 20, 2019

Once America’s hub of manufacturing and music, Detroit’s economy and population began to steadily decline in the 1950s, eventually leading to a full bankruptcy in 2013. Six years later, construction is booming throughout the city and unique businesses are fuelling an economic revival

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Strengthening the basic unity of this community is still a work in progress... 50 years later. But there's important work being done in our city.


An incredibly well produced documentary of the famous Detroit department store chain from its beginning. It appears that it was produced as an internal training film but is rich with historic scenes of Detroit and interesting little known facts about the city.

Asia Newson is the co-founder and CEO of Super Business Girl, a company she runs with her parents.

New proposal would eliminate all residential blight from every Detroit neighborhood by mid-2025 Joined by neighborhood residents and Councilmembers Andre Spivey and Scott Benson, Mayor Mike Duggan today announced a request for Detroit City Council to authorize a $250 million bond initiative for the March 2020 ballot that would completely eliminate all residential blight from every Detroit neighborhood by mid-2025. The proposal, if approved by Council and passed by voters, would not increase taxes for Detroiters. It would allow for the city to demolish 19,000 abandoned residential buildings while rehabbing and occupying approximately 7,000 homes that can be saved. It would take 13 years for the City to complete the same number of demolitions without this bond proposal, which would eliminate residential blight citywide in five years. Until now, the City's blight removal efforts have been funded by mostly federal Hardest Hit funds, which can only be used in limited areas of the city as directed by the federal government. This program would allow the city to remove blight in EVERY neighborhood across Detroit. ?For the past five years, residents living outside of the federal boundaries have been asking me when it?s going to be their turn and those have been difficult conversations,? Mayor Duggan said. ?Because these funds will be completely controlled by the city, neighborhoods that have lived with blight for decades will see all of it removed within five years of the bond sale being approved.?

AMAZING! Detroit Youth Choir Sings "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore - America's Got Talent 2019 Detroit Youth Choir know how to FIGHT back despite having obstacles in their way! They show their strength, love, and confidence through this cover of "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore.

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