Stop Chasing Purpose and Focus on Wellness | Chloe Hakim-Moore | TEDxMemphis

by adminpublished on November 21, 2022

For ages, people have been told to find our purpose, and that purpose will lead to a fulfilled life. But what if finding purpose isn’t enough to bring fulfillment? What if the focus on finding purpose, in fact, has been harming us by obscuring who we are with ideas of who we should be? This talk explores how our singular mission should be collective wellness, why now is the time to pursue it, and how the journey will offer the healing our world has desired for centuries. Chloe is an internationally acclaimed social designer, artist, and humanitarian. Fueled by an unshakable reverence for all life, her practice demands dignity for all, and centers the reimagining of societal systems to guarantee global well-being. Hakim-Moore designed and leads NEXT Memphis: a $32 million initiative of Porter-Leath to increase access to high quality early childhood education for all families in Shelby County.

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