State Of Black Entrepreneurship: The Check-In, Part 3

by adminpublished on November 1, 2022

For(bes) the Culture is checking in with Black entrepreneurs across the media industry to identify the authentic state of Black entrepreneurship. This episode features: – Byron Allen, Founder of Entertainment Studios and Allen Media Broadcasting – Sacha Jenkins, CCO of Mass Appeal – Shaun Robinson, Award-winning Journalist and Founder of Shaun Robinson Media – Tami Roman, Actress, Producer, Director and Author – Bishop Wayne Jackson, Founder and CEO of Impact Network – Royal Jackson, Chief Brand Officer of Impact Network About the State of Black Entrepreneurship: For(bes) The Culture is setting out to accurately define, rectify and create Black history. Our State of Black Entrepreneurship project is multifaceted, incorporating historical research that will unveil decades of overlooked Black business successes, plus new quantitative data and multimedia storytelling that will illustrate how Black entrepreneurship stands today — and where it’s headed.

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