A Father’s Affirmation X Sarah Jakes Roberts and Bishop TD Jakes

by adminpublished on November 1, 2022

Back like W.E. never left, here’s the convo you’ve all been waiting for! WTAL Grand Finale—the end of an era or the start of an evolution? Chile, let’s just say one man’s “don’t drop the mic” is another woman’s “turn me up in the microphone”! This week W.E. are thrilled & honored to be kickin’ it with the G.O.A.T. of women’s empowerment, Bishop T.D. Jakes! As a watchman on the wall, he affirms his children and the generation to come in their ability to steward legacy. Sooo, that whole anointing and passing the torch…What was Bishop Jakes’ reaction to how the moment was received? And what was restorative for the little girl inside of SJR? Delegation, TUNE IN & secure your lashes as an intimate father-daughter discussion unfolds! Sis, if you’ve been loosed to evolve with us, SUBSCRIBE to WomanEvolve.com/Podcast + REGISTER for conference at WomanEvolve.com/events + SIGN UP at WomanEvolve.com/connect to receive weekly devotionals. Listeners can access a FREE 60-day trial with ShipStation.com & a personal banker from FirstRepublic.com. Don’t miss these offers!

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