6 Great Black Americans On 1963 Primetime TV. An Amazing Dialogue

by adminpublished on November 1, 2022

have kept this video recording since shortly after it was made. So powerful. Such an incredible moment And dialogue. It was the spring of 1963. These leaders were planning the now famous March on Washington. The voting rights bill was being debated before Congress. The same with a food stamps bill for poor people. Participating in this live prime time television dialogue were James Farmer, James Forman, Whitney Young, Martin Luther King and Roy Wilkins. All powerful civil rights leaders representing the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Congress On Racial Equality (CORE), the SCCC, and the SCLC. Issues discussed include Lyndon Johnson and the southern Dixiecrats, the voting rights bill, the bus boycotts, the lunch counter sit ins, the effort to register voters in Mississippi, and more. I found these five men so intelligent and informed and passionate and articulate that as I said in the video, watching this with my parents motivated me as a young man to go to Washington and participate in the March where Martin Luther King and others spoke. I post it now with the conviction that it will have meaning for all those concerned with the Issues being debated in America today. Here is the link to my film that this television show provoked

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