Social Justice | HBCUs RISING History has been shaped, molded, and created by the Black community. On this episode, former NBA Champion and current NCA&T golfer J.R. Smith looks at the issues of social justice past and present, the changes that have come from leaders at HBCUs, and speaks with students who are currently leading the charge. Plus, J.R. reflects on the journey that lead him to attend an HBCU. All that and more on #HBCUsRising. Presented by @toyotausa #Tundra #LetsGoPlaces

Discovered Truth: A Health Care Journey discusses black barriers to healthcare due to racism, distrust, and slavery and how that effects racial health disparities now.

The actor also discusses his mom stealing the show in the season premiere of “To Tell the Truth.”

Corporations and well-meaning people have been shelling out millions to help end racism. Meanwhile, people within the movement are debating about where all the money is going and who should be in charge of it.
Political Activist and strategist Tamika Mallory sits down with Angie to discuss how the death of her son’s father aligned her with her purpose.
FOCUSED ON THE FIGHT: Photography captures it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. But what happens when your work brings the issues of society into full focus?
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar opened Tuesday's edition of #TheArena with an unforgettable and powerful message on continuing the fight for social justice in America, and what role athletes can play in leading the change.
Tamika Mallory Calls Out Panini's Lack Of Black Leadership, Talks Corporate Diversity + More
In this animated interview, the sociologist Bruce Western explains the current inevitability of prison for certain demographics of young black men and how it's become a normal life event. "We've chosen the response of the deprivation of liberty for a historically aggrieved group, whose liberty in the United States was never firmly established to begin with," Western says.
Black women and southern trees suffer from a similar affliction. They are marked to be the tellers and bearers of truth in a world socially constructed to destroy them. Social justice educator, Monica Johnson explores the parallels of her identity development and the life and legacy of the great Billie Holiday. This talk uncovers the day that Monica comes to understand what being a Black woman born and raised in the American south truly affords her. Monica asks the audience to stop and listen to an uncomfortable truth about the burden that Black women are forced to carry. Monica uses the legacy of Billie Holiday’s world renowned performance of “Strange Fruit” to explain what great cost Black women pay to expose the world to the truth. ---
In this emotional talk, high-school senior Julianna Davis talks about the shortcomings of the US Justice System — and how it failed to protect the rights of African-American people. Faced with discrimination herself, Julianna introduces multiple anecdotes to prove how the system has failed her fellow black citizens.

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