Inspiring Higher Education Through Fashion-Forward HBCU Apparel

In a powerful effort to promote higher education and celebrate historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Kamirria Wallace, a graduate of Howard University, founded Black & Scholared. This apparel brand offers officially licensed HBCU collegiate apparel, inspiring individuals within the Black community to pursue higher education and showcasing the pride associated with attending these esteemed institutions. Through their fashion-forward designs and commitment to supporting Black students, Black & Scholared has become a beacon of empowerment and inspiration.

With the rising demand for fashionable apparel that represents the unique identities and spirit of HBCUs, Black & Scholared has emerged as a leader in the industry. Their innovative designs and commitment to empowering individuals through education have made a significant impact on the Black community. By wearing Black & Scholared apparel, individuals not only showcase their pride in their alma maters but also contribute to the support of Black students pursuing higher education.

Kamirria Wallace, as a Howard University graduate, recognized the importance of higher education and sought to create a platform that would celebrate and encourage educational pursuits within the Black community. With the establishment of Black & Scholared, Wallace has combined her passion for fashion and her dedication to empowering individuals through education.

Black & Scholared offers a wide range of apparel items, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, totes, hats, and lapel pins. These fashionable pieces are designed to showcase the unique identities and spirit of HBCUs, allowing individuals to proudly represent their alma maters and ignite conversations about the importance of higher education.

Additionally, Black & Scholared has a youth collection that aims to nurture aspirations for higher education in children. By introducing young individuals to the concept of HBCUs and the value of education, Black & Scholared is fostering a culture of academic excellence and inspiring the next generation to pursue their educational dreams.

In addition to their commitment to supporting individual students, Black & Scholared has obtained licenses for seven HBCUs. These licenses allow the brand to officially represent and celebrate these institutions, creating a sense of unity and pride within the HBCU community. Black & Scholared aims to expand their licensing agreements to include more HBCUs, further amplifying the impact of their message.

Black & Scholared products are not only available online but can also be found in major retail stores like Foot Locker and Barnes & Noble College HBCU campus bookstores. This widespread availability highlights the recognition and impact that the brand has achieved within the Black community. By being sold in these prominent retail locations, Black & Scholared’s message of empowerment and inspiration is reaching a broader audience, further fueling the celebration of higher education in the Black community.

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