Big Daves Cheesesteaks: From Atlanta Success Story to Nationwide Franchise Opportunity

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks is a renowned restaurant chain based in Atlanta, known for its mouthwatering and flavorful cheesesteaks. Over the past year, the flagship location in downtown Atlanta has achieved remarkable success, generating an impressive revenue of over $2.3 million. Building on this achievement, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks is now offering franchise opportunities, aiming to support and empower aspiring entrepreneurs. The company has set an ambitious goal to open 100 franchise locations across the country by the end of 2025. By offering franchise opportunities, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks seeks to create a pathway for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The brand is particularly interested in inspiring those who have faced legal issues, lack a college degree, or lack experience to overcome barriers and succeed in the business world.

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks traces its roots back to 2014 when it first started as Big Dave’s Water Ice. However, after facing challenges in selling frozen dishes, the business shifted its focus to the irresistible and iconic cheesesteak. The transition proved to be a pivotal moment, propelling Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks to new heights of success. The business gained significant attention when rapper and TV host Eve endorsed the cheesesteaks on social media, leading to increased popularity and a surge in customers. Despite facing challenges such as the impact of the pandemic and civil unrest, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks persevered and achieved substantial revenue growth.

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks’ journey from a water ice business to a thriving cheesesteak chain exemplifies the importance of adaptation and resilience in the face of adversity. By recognizing the need to pivot and cater to the demands of the market, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks was able to establish itself as a dominant player in the food industry. The support and recognition from influential figures like Eve further bolstered the brand’s reputation and attracted a wider audience. Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks’ ability to overcome challenges and thrive in a competitive market is a testament to the dedication and passion of its founder, Derrick Hayes, and his team.

Recently, the company has experienced rapid expansion beyond Atlanta, with multiple locations throughout Georgia and an upcoming opening in Charlotte, North Carolina. The brand’s success is evident through the significant revenue generated at the flagship location in downtown Atlanta and its presence inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Looking ahead, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks aims to establish itself in major cities nationwide, contributing to local economies and communities. Existing franchise locations have already demonstrated their positive impact on their respective communities, serving as success stories and sources of inspiration.

The launch of the franchise process in August, coinciding with Black Business Month, holds great significance as Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks aims to support and empower Black entrepreneurs. Currently, only 8% of franchise owners are Black, but data shows that Black-owned franchises tend to generate higher average revenues compared to independent Black-owned businesses. By specifically targeting Black entrepreneurs, the restaurant aims to address the disparities in franchise ownership and create a more equitable business landscape. This initiative not only provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and talents but also encourages economic growth and empowerment within underrepresented communities. Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks is committed to giving individuals a chance to rewrite their narratives and build a successful future for themselves and their communities.

With their comprehensive training and ongoing support, aspiring business owners can pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with the backing of a successful and visionary brand.

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